LEED Design

Sustainable Design - LEED®

Advanced Professional Engineering Consultants, Inc. has been on the design team of projects that received the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ award.

APEC seeks to utilize innovative technologies in an effort to create environmentally sustainable buildings in a world with inherent need. Through this mission it is APEC’s sincerest desire that our green designs transform into ecologically sound buildings, saving money and energy while helping the greater cause.


LEEDLEED is a nationally accepted certification program that provides recognition to highly efficient green buildings. This program ensures that buildings meet environmental standards. In APEC we hold up to our civil responsibility of creating a greener tomorrow.

Please don't hesitate to call APEC and speak to Bashar Madani, P.E./Principal, on how you can turn your building design into an environmentally friendly project. Call us to learn more about LEED and how APEC can design your building sustainable MEP system.