Comissioning Design Comissioning Design


Building commissioning provides documented confirmation that building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents (OPR) to satisfy the project requirements.
Commissioning existing systems may require developing new functional criteria to address the owner current requirements for system performance.

APEC  provide a complete HVAC system commissioning, existing building commissioning, retro commissioning, energy audit  and  commissioning documentations required for building submittals or LEED certification commissioning  for fundamental pre requisite and enhanced commissioning credit including :

1. Owner’s Project Requirements.
2. Basis of Design.
3. Commissioning measures shown in the construction documents.
4. Commissioning Plan.
5. Functional Performance Testing.
6. Documentation & Training.
7. Commissioning Report.

Whole Building Commissioning

APEC will validate all building systems during construction; including building envelope, technology infrastructure, any alarm, paging or alert notification systems, audio/visual presentation systems or any other operating system within the building. In short, anything affecting the building performance, occupant comfort or user services within a building are part of Whole Building Commissioning.

Commissioning for LEED Certification

We provide an integrated approach that will assist in achieving your sustainability-related goals. We manage projects from conception through certification to identify, evaluate and document all LEED point requirements. We assist in streamlining the certification process and aligning sustainability goals with your business objectives.

Retro Commissioning and Re-Commissioning of Existing Buildings

APEC conducts a comprehensive audit to ensure the building systems (hydraulic, mechanical/HVAC, electrical, fire and control systems) are operational as originally planned and constructed. Tests are performed to identify where operational, design or mechanical/electrical/control have compromised the performance of building services.

CalGreen Commissioning

APEC complies to the guidelines and scope set out in the new California Building Code, referred to as CALGreen which also requires commissioning of new non-residential building construction. New buildings must utilize environmentally advanced building practices that decrease waste, reduce water consumption, improve indoor environmental quality and conserve resources.

Building System Optimization

APEC has the design experience and operational experience to review the operations of your systems (control sequences, TAB reports, design drawings etc.) and recognize inconsistencies, problem areas and energy saving opportunities.

EPA Energy Star Certification

To increase the likelihood that a building meets its energy performance goal, and earns the ENERGY STAR, architects and building owners should verify that the building is operating properly. Commissioning is critical to ensuring that goals are met.

Energy Audits – ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3

ASHRAE Level I and II Audits fulfill requirements of the LEED EB O&M certification program and are very popular. APEC has performed many of these audits over the past few years.

Call APEC and speak to our qualified commissioning service provider QCxP on how you include the commissioning services in your projects.